Are You Getting All That You Want and Need from Your Contracting Business? 


 If not, you need to keep reading...

Most contractors that we talk to have some, or all, of these issues: 

  • You are not making the money you should be making because competition is all about price  
  •  You cannot find and keep a crew that cares as much about your customers as you do 
  • You are unable to get your “subs” to deliver consistently according to your standards 
  • Your cash flow is unpredictable because you need to pay for labor and materials but end up waiting to be paid  
  • Your profits are decreased as you face rising costs that you aren’t always able to pass on  
  • You are working ridiculously long hours and can’t afford to take time off  
  • The success of the business depends too much on one person –you! And you wear all the hats 

If, in fact, these issues are real for you, I have some good news! We specialize in helping contractors overcome these and other challenges. We are committed to helping contractors in Umhlanga who want to have the best crew, the happiest customers, a business that operates efficiently and profitably—and some free time.  

All it requires on your part is to spend 3 hours of your time with us. At this seminar, we will show you how to overcome many of these challenges, & we guarantee to show you how to achieve a 61% increase in profits!  

You have invested a lot of time, energy, money, blood, sweat and tears in your business already. Doesn’t it make sense to spend an hour to discover a different way? I guarantee that hour will be the most profitable hour you’ve invested in your business so far this year. 

Here’s what other Business Owners have to say about the seminar:


"Really enjoyed it. Found it incredibly insightful, lots to work through" - Derryn Scott - Life Thyme Concepts

 "Best I've attended" - Nomusa Mazibuko Ezika - Nzina Services                 

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Seminar Details:  

Date: Friday 26th January 2023

Registration: 8:00am

Time: 8:30 to 11:00am 

Venue: Suite 2, La Lucia Office Park , 64 Armstrong Avenue, La Lucia

Investment:  No Charge

Limited Seating - Please RSVP to be put on the guest list to gain entry